First Post

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no-one can enter the same river twice – no moment can be duplicated

the philosopher Cratilus (Heraclitus) wrote the first half of this statement.
He lived in the seventh century BCE, centuries before Socrates –
one of my favorite philosophers.
(I added my interpretation)

January 24, 2013
Hello reader,
My sister loves to blog and has encouraged me (strongly!) to start one of my own.  I have now given in and so I’m here writing my thoughts for complete strangers to read.  Wish me luck.

8 thoughts on “First Post

  1. We have two dogs and a cat, all of whom get along well. We also have a “wild” cat who has sort of adopted us and keeps the mice away. He started hanging out on our porch over the summer, laying in front of the door while we’re gone. He’s had a tough life, judging by his ears and how scared he is of people. We named him “Poncho” (as in Poncho Via) and he now comes to eat on the porch every morning and every night. Haven’t been able to pet him yet, so I don’t try, but he lets me get within a foot or so without running away. We’re happy that we can give him something to look forward to twice a day 🙂

    • i just found your comment from january on my home page. very sweet that you feed the little guy. i have 3 adopted cats. whenever one dies of old age another one comes around to take its place. i think the universe is responsible. i feed possums on my enclosed patio. i take pictures of them sometimes. i just love to see them eating. i also get an occasional raccoon and they are so much bigger than you might think. a couple of years ago i had left the cat door open and one came into my room and started eating the dry cat food while staring at me. it just kept dipping its little fingers into the bowl and bringing to its mouth without looking away from me once. it was crazy. i wasn’t really afraid except for the thought that it might not have been able to find its way back out. but it didn’t have a problem. needless to say, i don’t forget to shut the cat door now.

      • We have raccoons here as well, and they seem to have an unwritten agreement to get along with our cats. I’ve seen them pass each other in the back yard and you’re right — they are huge! And really cute. I love to watch them get walnuts out of our tree 🙂

        • a handsome, comedic, non-misogynist, domestic and wild animal lover – i’m beginning to think you might be perfect
          i have see the same thing here – my cats do not bother any of the wild animals that come around here – we have coyotes in the area so everyone has to come in when it gets dark, but i used to let them roam in and out at all hours. the wild critters don’t bother about the cats either, they just eye each other, steer clear, and go on with their own plans.
          nice chatting with you

  2. Agree to disagree, not one for a challenge, Jackie. Good Morning. Your blog is now working and here I am, Perpetua. I’m glad that you are alive and glad that you listened to your twin sister. Walking can do wonders because it brings out your “Aha” moments. Very meditative. Have a blessed day. Love the WP theme.

    • many people don’t like to challenge either, but i’m not in that category – the way my mind works, it’s impossible unless the other person raises the white flag and says “I don’t want to argue about it” – i try to remember to be gracious and acknowledge that i have not been able to persuade them –
      that’s usually not a problem unless their position is without question abominable. one time a middle aged man i knew on the bus to school said that he was not concerned about the dangers of nuclear energy, that it was his grandchildren’s problem. that was not ok with me – but that was years and years ago. maybe it’s just age, but i care less and less about the opinions of others unless their ideas are creative and ingenious.
      take care, and thank you for reading and commenting

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