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What Roe v. Wade teaches us  from the blog:  A Christian Overcomer

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In response to a comment on Feb 9th by To Give You Hope

Does the bible say specifically from the moment of conception? Are you making an assumption? If I say to someone “I know you” does that mean I know them from the moment they were born? I feel disappointed by anti-abortion Christians who are not adoptive parents of “unwanted” children. There are plenty of people who desire a new born white baby, but who will adopt all the others? I would like the churches to emphasize adoption of unwanted babies and children of all ages. If they do this then they would gain enormous respect from the population as a whole, even atheists.

Poem: Lion Kitty, Lion Kitty

WHAT'S UP ? !!

WHAT’S UP ? !!

Here’s my favorite cat, Lion Kitty. He adopted me and I didn’t even know it until I saw him in my bedroom closet. I don’t know how long he had been in there. I wrote a poem about our first meeting in 2007. He’s a big Maine Coon, 18 pounds.

Lion Kitty, Lion Kitty,
On a dresser, crouching pretty,
Hidden secret in the closet,
Oh how long lay this deposit?

First surprise, then trepidation.
Meet cat eyes with hesitation.
Who is this?   this animal !
Feral?   Tame?   Implacable?

To it I proposed this question:
Who are you?   Why this possession?
Uttered I, nonplussed but subtle,
Suppressed fear, no wish to startle.

Then slow reaching, (foolish thinking!),
Lightest touching, gentle fondling,
Deeper, smoother, lightly tickling,
Tilted head gives way accepting.

Coarse low sound of downy purring,
Cup its chin, the bone I’m feeling,
Knowing now it can be trusting,
Its new human will be caring.

Now I’m reaching, two hands lifting,
Muscles tense as we are shifting,
Oh so heavy, large and curling,
Over hands, then arms unfurling.

Cat is mine in a few seconds,
It owns me, its stare now beckons.
Feline paws reach and scan,
Stripes of brown – dark and tan.