Music Video: Jacqueline Evancho, 10, sings the Lord’s Prayer

My sister posted this on her blog  A Christian Overcomer

I was blown away listening to her beautiful rendition of this timeless classic

this young woman has a page on Wikipedia,  Jacqueline Evancho


Music Video: Aerials by System of a Down

Feb 11, 2013

Hello Viewers,

Being of a certain age (58 3/4) i don’t have much knowledge of heavy metal bands. But MAL suggested i check out this song and i really really like it.  The lyrics and melody are soulful and moving.

It fits in my blog because its content follows my content which is to take a look at ourselves and see how conscious, or unconscious, we are at this moment in time and space.

lyrics are below the video.

want to know more about this song ?

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