Poem: Conversation with my brother on the phone in February


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Conversation with my brother on the phone in February

‘Do you remember Lisa Ramaci ? from across the street ? ’

This is always his line when he calls to talk about our youth.

‘Yeah, sure.  Why are you thinking about her ? ’

‘I was just thinking about that life – I want to go back there.’

And I saw that world where we grew up – I existed there once.  again

and I saw the roads and the houses and people

and I saw, and felt, it evaporate in my own mind.

surreal knowledge that what was once so real, is not.

That world no longer exists.  How can that be ?

was it real ever ?

can real be without enduring ?

that feels  . . . wrong

Reply: Abortion & Adoption

What Roe v. Wade teaches us  from the blog:  A Christian Overcomer

Re-Blog of a post about “Roe -v- Wade”

In response to a comment on Feb 9th by To Give You Hope

Does the bible say specifically from the moment of conception? Are you making an assumption? If I say to someone “I know you” does that mean I know them from the moment they were born? I feel disappointed by anti-abortion Christians who are not adoptive parents of “unwanted” children. There are plenty of people who desire a new born white baby, but who will adopt all the others? I would like the churches to emphasize adoption of unwanted babies and children of all ages. If they do this then they would gain enormous respect from the population as a whole, even atheists.