Poem: Conversation with my brother on the phone in February


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Conversation with my brother on the phone in February

‘Do you remember Lisa Ramaci ? from across the street ? ’

This is always his line when he calls to talk about our youth.

‘Yeah, sure.  Why are you thinking about her ? ’

‘I was just thinking about that life – I want to go back there.’

And I saw that world where we grew up – I existed there once.  again

and I saw the roads and the houses and people

and I saw, and felt, it evaporate in my own mind.

surreal knowledge that what was once so real, is not.

That world no longer exists.  How can that be ?

was it real ever ?

can real be without enduring ?

that feels  . . . wrong


Music Video: Aerials by System of a Down

Feb 11, 2013

Hello Viewers,

Being of a certain age (58 3/4) i don’t have much knowledge of heavy metal bands. But MAL suggested i check out this song and i really really like it.  The lyrics and melody are soulful and moving.

It fits in my blog because its content follows my content which is to take a look at ourselves and see how conscious, or unconscious, we are at this moment in time and space.

lyrics are below the video.

want to know more about this song ?  http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=2652

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